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Celebrations, special occasions, condolences, wishes for a speedy recovery, birth of a child, and the purchase of a new home are all occasions to send a lasagna.

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An ode to my Aunt Jeanne, who loved peas.

A creamy, delicious ricotta sauce covers layers of spinach, carrots, shallots, sweet peppers, and fresh English peas. It's a delightfully fresh spring vegetable lasagna.

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Many occasions call for sendinglasagna to a friend

  1. Baby – momma does not want to cook
  2. Wedding – I made my own lasagna for my wedding
  3. Surgery – someone you know had surgery or their caretaker could use a night off from cooking/meal prep
  4. Loss – send a hug when someone needs it most
  5. Treat yourself – you just don’t feel like cooking 
  6. Lasagna is good anytime!

What Are People Saying?

Hi! I’m Stephanie.

I created Send A Friend Lasagna after I made a lasagna for a friend whose wife had passed away. I remember feeling helpless, not knowing what to do or how I could possibly comfort my friend. So I leaned into what I love and brought lasagna to him. I like to think of lasagna as a hug you give to someone even when you’re not in their presence. If someone takes a lasagna that I made out of their refrigerator or freezer and puts it in their oven to eat, I hope when they sit down at their table, they think of a hug I made especially for them.

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