Send A Friend Lasagna

Lasagna is like a warm hug

Send one now!

Everyone needs a lasagna

Celebrations, special occasions, condolences, wishes for a speedy recovery, birth of a child, and the purchase of a new home are all occasions to send a lasagna.


Recovering from surgery, I was in no mood to cook. I didn’t even think I was that hungry till I smelled Stephanie’s lasagna heating in my oven. One bite and I felt so much better. 

Lorraine Ball

We thoroughly enjoyed our lasagna. The sauce was excellent and not overpowering or acidic. Lots of layers! 

Brandy Perry

Stephanie nailed it! I broke the rules and sent myself a lasagna instead of sending one to a friend, but hey, I can be my own friend. My 6-month-old daughter is teething heavy today, and this lasagna came just in time. It’s a win for this tired mom!

Sasha Haughn

Gracie and I are thankful for generous friends who are also amazing cooks! Thanks for thinking of us Stephanie! Amazing #SendAFriendLasagna

Harry Howe