Lasagna Flight


Think wine flight, only lasagna!

Choose three lasagnas (any combination of three or all the same.) The lasagnas will come fresh in three separate pans. Bake one for dinner, gift one to a friend, freeze one for later. Flights are also an excellent opportunity to try one of our other lasagnas without the commitment of purchasing a whole pan.

The possibilities are literally endless!

  • Half Pan Chicken Parmesan Lasagna


  • Half Pan Cheese and Sauce Only Lasagna


  • Half Pan Meat Sauce and Cheese Lasagna


  • Half Pan Johnno's Meat Lovers Lasagna - Lasagna of the Month

    Original price was: $33.00.Current price is: $28.00.

  • Half Pan Aunt Jeanne's Lasagna


  • Half Pan Gorgonzola Lasagna


  • Half Pan Vegetable Lasagna


  • Half Pan Gluten Free


*Product only available for SAFL delivery area.

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